Benelli collection is our distinctly masculine line for the contemporary man who intends to make a statement at work and play. High standard of quality and sophisticated details of each Benelli frame will instill confidence and professionalism in the modern man. Greater fit styles are available for those who have an eyesize of 56 and above.


Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel

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Velenciaga collection is designed for the woman who embraces her own sense of style and spirit. This collection blends European trends and the latest fashion influences to create a truly modern eyewear collection in bold colors and fine details without being excessive with logos and brand names.


Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel


Skye collection combines feminine sensibility and elegance to create a truly timeless eyewear for that special lady. Eye catching details such as crystal accents and metal inserts highlight her charming and magnetic personality. All models have deeper "B" measurements to fit multi-focal lenses.


Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel


Ono is our most extensive collection in which we strive to create frames for style conscious individuals looking for an everyday frame with great quality and value. This dynamic line combines timeless shapes with updated designs to create an all encompassing selection. We strive to develop the OnO collection into a truly comprehensive bread and butter line for those looking for stylish and reliable eyewear.


Materials: Celluose Acetate,  Acetate, Stainless Steel


BeWild collection is enthusiastic and bold. This line is perfect for teens and those young at heart. It's a lively yet unpretentious eyewear collection that reflects the vibrant energy of the wearer. Saturated colors and smooth lines are the key design elements of the youthful frame line.

Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel


Cute onO kids collection is inspired by children's growing attention to their wardrobe and their search for individuality. Every Cute onO frame confidently delivers unique and fun spirit to any adolescent. This line features a range of frames for ages 7-14 in quality injection and cellulose acetate.


Materials: Cellulose Acetate, Plastic (Cold Insert)


Prime collection is an affordable lifestyle collection that caters to all market segments. Designs range from elegant classics to contemporary for men and women. All frames are designed with spring hinges for added comfort, fit and durability. The Prime collection is the answer for the price conscious patients who do not want to compromise style and quality.


Materials:  Stainless Steel, Cellulose Acetate, Plastic (Cold Insert)



Trust collection is our value frame line for those patients with a limited budget in mind. Updated classic metal and plastic styles for men and women featuring popular neutral colors are the staple of this collection. Trust eyewear is the most competitively priced alternative to your managed care from choice.

Materials:  Stainless Steel, Celluose Acetate, Plastic (Cold Insert)